About Me

Hi! I’m Eric.

I am an artist – a sculptor, painter, designer, and illustrator. Sometimes I make cool things out of metal, sometimes out of wood. Sometimes I draw, sometimes I paint. Often times I start something new and never finish it – sometimes I come back to these pieces, years later, and find a new invigorated sense of purpose. I follow the whims of my muse, and my art is varied and wide-ranging. Through my work I explore the concepts of conflict and connection between mankind and the universe that we live in.

I am an educator. I go to work every day with the hope of inspiring my students to achieve the greatness that I know they have within them. I teach them how to draw, how to paint, how to sculpt. I teach them how to measure, how to read, how to write. I teach them history, ethics, and economics. I teach them how to critique, how to think critically, how to problem solve. I teach them how to find their voice.

I am an explorer. I have an innate curiosity in the world and continually seek out new adventures and experiences. I have a desire to explore the fullest depths of what is possible for humankind to experience and want to learn everything that can be learned on this plane of existence. I embrace both Nature, for its ability to sustain and ground us, and Technology, for its ability to take us to places and provide us with experiences only ever conceived within the mind.

Photo by Eric Kabello. http://kabelloe.tumblr.com/

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